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About Us

I Can Carry is a peer-to-peer platform connecting travelers and senders who want to send & receive goods across different destinations. As a platform, I Can Carry is empowering the local community by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand through affordable and faster solutions.



Deliver your goods through travelers heading to the desired destination.

1- Search Travelers

Search for verified travelers who can drop-off your items and connect to them on your ICanCarry App.

2- Meeting Points

Decide on a pick-up or delivery point for your items.

3- Deliver Goods

Handover your items to the verified traveler and wait for your goods to reach the desired destination.


Earn while you travel by delivering shipments on the way.

1- Search Senders

Search for verified senders who want to send goods and connect to them on your ICanCarry App.

2- Customize Your Traveling

Forecast and plan your traveling based on the delivery opportunities.

3- Share Travel Plan

Share your travel details and the items willing to carry.

4- Earn

Deliver the parcel to the desired destination and earn money.


Receive anything from anywhere in the world to your desired destination.

1- Search Traveler

Search for verified travelers heading to your desired destination and connect to them on your ICanCarry App.

2- Share Parcel Details

Share the detail of the items you want from your desired store/outlet.

3- Avail High-speed Delivery

Reduce the waiting period and receive your packages faster.

App Coming Soon

ICanCarry App is an online luggage delivery service connecting senders, travelers, and receivers, allowing them to send & receive items to and from anywhere. Ensure your peace of mind with online tracking.

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